A Description of Augie Dog!

Augie is a terrier dog who loves to vocalize and play. He is an old dog who was rescued as a young dog and now lives a good and vocal life. He was raised and now lives life as a song dog and vocal yet righteous defender. Here are some attributes.

  • Shake (hands) – his first trick at obedience school.
  • Sit, down, stand
  • Back, go, move
  • (Roll) over
  • Dead dog
  • Stomp
  • Say wuh (a soft chuffing bark that signifies “that was fun let’s do it again”)
  • Circus Dog (stand on hind legs)
  • Go get your baby (fetch a toy from your toy box)
  • Drop it, leave it.

He is a serviceable guard dog who will scare away invaders with barks and he utilizes his teeth, which jut out of his mouth, to kill his prey with painful punctures. He is well trained and highly disciplined and he can handle threats easily.

Augie on the lateral file

aug is resting now.