About Augie

Augie is a rescue dog adopted from the Decatur and Macon County Animal Shelter.  He resides in Springfield, IL with his adoptive mom, Augie Mamma, and a ginger brother cat, Larry.  Augie’s visible traits are predominantly those of a Tibetan Terrier.  It seems to fit; with his thick coat, he loves to go for a run when it’s below 50 degrees and really goes when it drops below freezing.

Tricks & Such

Although he didn’t know how to play or what to do with a ball when he came home for the first time, he’s enjoyed obedience and agility training. In addition, he knows multiple tricks, including:

  • Shake (hands) – his first trick at obedience school.
  • Sit, down, stand
  • Back, go, move
  • (Roll) over
  • Dead dog
  • Stomp
  • Say wuh (a soft chuffing bark that signifies “that was fun let’s do it again”)
  • Circus Dog (stand on hind legs)
  • Go get your baby (fetch a toy from your toy box)
  • Drop it, leave it


Augie has a very expressive voice, and doesn’t hesitate to use it. He’s most loudly vocal with the postal workers who arrive daily, but are, fortunately, successfully repelled with vicious snarls, growls and wild barking, without doing us any harm, and all due to the vigilant efforts of Augie. He greets regular visitors with enthusiastic barking, both when they arrive and when they leave.